Monday, February 13, 2012

SE Watchband Link Remover Tool

SE Watchband Link Remover Tool

Product Details

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  • ASIN: B001F295SA

Price : $4.05
SE Watchband Link Remover Tool

Product Description

Heavy duty twist movement to remove stubborn links. Most link removers use a modest deal with, but this larger model makes it less complicated to remove links. Twist design makes it simple to eliminate or add links to your watch band. Every watch collector requirements a watch adjuster as portion of their collection. Cease wasting money taking it to a jeweler when you can do it your self. It pays for itself after two makes use of. Readily alter your watch at property without having scratching the band.

Client Evaluations

To get started, yes, this is low-cost. If you are paying $3.50 to try to size your own watch instead of spending $10 at a neighborhood jeweler, probabilities are you are low-priced too (as am I :).
The question isn't is it low-cost...the question is, does it do the job you want it to. The brief answer is yes. It worked highly well for me. Does the pin remover wiggle? Yes. Just take a minute and line it up. Also, make certain you are pushing the pins straight through and not at an angle (standard physics here...duh, appropriate?). I did not even break any of the pins (some thing I have heard some persons complain about)...I feel this is less likely if you do a wonderful job of lining the pin pusher up with the pins.
One particular of the reviews mentioned that it was challenging to see the alignment of the watch pins and the pin pusher. Although this is accurate, I don't realize how this is a strike against the item. Have you noticed the size of the pins on your watch? If you believe that somehow this is the fault of this product, I consider your expectations may be a bit high. If you have difficulty seeing smaller issues, I would just recommend not doing the work yourself.
If you are at all mechanically inclined, you won't have a issue working with this. Just make confident you use your patience too.
I would absolutely obtain this once more. Even if this fell apart tomorrow, it was still less costly than going to a jeweler, and I certainly enjoyed undertaking the perform myself.

i have a big watch collection so it was effortless to adjust all of my watches to my wrist size - saved alot of income from going back and forth to the jeweler - most certainly worth the price

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