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Citizen Men's AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

Citizen Men's AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

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Citizen Men's AT0200-05E Eco-Drive Chronograph Canvas Watch

Product Description Item Description
Preserve time with military precision whilst adding a distinctive edge to your wardrobe with the Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Chronograph Canvas Watch. Featuring the clean appear and the rugged dependability of a stainless steel case and bezel, this timepiece relies on the distinctive Citizen Eco-Drive movement technique, so you never desire to replace its battery. Eco-Drive is an advanced, technical system that makes use of a thin solar panel below the dial to convert light power from any source into electrical energy utilised to run your watch. Also playing a key function in this one of a kind program is a specific power storage cell that drastically increases the efficiency and dependability of using light as a power source. As an added benefit, Eco-Drive power does not use the harmful chemicals contained in traditional batteries, so it really is an fantastic environmental option as nicely.
The watch functions a black dial with straightforward-to-read Arabic numerals in white, a handy date window at four o'clock, a slim second tracker on the outer dial, and three subdials that deliver chronograph functionality along with the capability to track hours on a 24-hour scale. The dial is further offset with luminescent minute and hour hands and a sweeping red seconds hand. Even the cool canvas band on this watch delivers ultra-detailed construction. In addition to featuring a sturdy buckle clasp that relies on steel-reinforced eyelets, the band is backed with leather, which gives added durability and results in a pleasant really feel against your wrist. This versatile men's watch is water resistant to 330 feet.
Charging knowledge: Functions of this watch may possibly not operate correctly if the watch is not charged, or charged correctly. Please see the full Technical Data.To set the time (refer to complete-setting directions right here: Manual ):
  1. Pull the crown out to the time correction position when the second hand has reached the seconds position.
  2. Turn the crown to set the time. The 24-hour hand moves in conjunction with the hour hand. Pay focus to AM and PM when setting the time.
  3. Securely return the crown to the usual position in synchronization with a telephone or other time service.

To set the date:
  1. Pull the crown out to the date correction position.
  2. Turn the crown to the appropriate to set the date. The crown turns freely and the date does not modify if the crown is turned to the left.
  3. If the date is set though the time on the watch is between the hours of about 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM, the date might possibly not change on the following day. If this occurs, set the date immediately after temporarily moving the hands to a time other than amongst the above occasions.

Making use of the Chronograph:The chronograph function of this watch is able to measure and display elapsed time up to 59 minutes, 59 seconds in 1 second units. After 60 minutes have elapsed, every single of the chronograph hands automatically cease at the 12:00 position. Chronograph Timing:
  1. Commence timing by pressing button (A). The chronograph is repeatedly started and stopped by pressing button (A).
  2. Pressing button (B) resets the chronograph to seconds.
Note: Do not subject the chronograph to strong impacts though chronograph timing is in progress. Subjecting the watch to a strong impact for the duration of chronograph timing or when the chronograph has stopped automatically following 60 minutes have elapsed can trigger the chronograph minute hand to shift out of position. If this takes place, press button (B) to reset to the 12:00 position ahead of employing the chronograph again.

The Citizen Story
The firm was established in 1924. The founding fathers selected the name Citizen so it would be ""Close to the Hearts of Persons Everywhere"" and soon just after adopted the company’s formal name, Citizen Watch Company.

In the course of the last seventy-5 years Citizen has expanded its business all through the world and has accomplished recognition as the global brand. The past twenty-5 year period has coincided with the company’s dramatic rise to its current position as the world’s largest watchmaker, a distinction Citizen has held just about every year given that 1986.
Beyond sheer size, Citizen is also recognized as a worldwide leader in advanced technologies. From the world’s slimmest LCD watch to the 1st voice recognition watch and the world’s very first expert dive watch with an electronic depth sensor, Citizen’s record of ""world’s firsts"" is unmatched.
Additional recently, Citizen has staked out a new position as the leader in timekeeping with its Eco-Drives watches that are light powered. With models ranging from dress models to sports models to expert dive watches, Citizen Eco-Drive runs continuously in any kind of all-natural or artificial light for a lifetime of use. Fueled by light, it never ever demands a battery.

Consumer Reviews

I upgraded to the eco-drive from a watch that recharged by wrist motion. So far I'm a lot happier with the eco-drive. It holds a charge a lot longer, so it's not a challenge to leave it unworn for a day or two. I did not like the green military style band on this 1, but it was painless to swap for a leather 20mm band. The stock band was a tad modest for my wrist. I would expect a lot of males would want to swap it. The numbers look large in the picture, and they're huge on the watch. I like the huge numbers, other folks could not.
Could possibly 2008 Update:
I nonetheless like this watch as significantly as the day it arrived! It works perfectly, never runs out of battery and looks good. For those of you who haven't paid for a decent watch, you might not understand you are missing out on a really good quality glass / crystal face. Mine still is scratch totally free. The watch looks pretty a lot brand new, even even though I wear it each day.

If you, like me, are contemplating this watch for the reason that it is rather simple, has a rugged appearance to it, takes place to be a Citizen Eco-Drive model, and is reasonably priced, then you may want to know the following.
Pros: This watch is hassle-free to set up and holds time nicely. It can be dragged across brick surfaces and airplane exteriors with out blemishing. It can be taken in the shower and swimming pool with no leaking, and the watch band dries before finding a opportunity to leave wet spots on your trousers whilst you drive to perform. The fit is comfortable and the watch is not heavy or bulky. The chronograph is extremely hassle-free to use just after searching at the directions once. The hour and minute hands have a nice, subtle glow adequate for telling time in dark locations.
Cons: The chronograph maxes out at 60 minutes and then turns off. And I when turned it off accidentally when the back of my hand pushed against the watch. So be cautious if you are timing something severe--like a ninja mission.
Notes on fit: I'm 5'9", 170 pounds, and a fitness nut. This watch JUST fits my wrist. So as other reviewers have stated, if your wrists have a little padding, strategy on replacing the watch band--which is an industry-common size and very easy to replace.
Notes on the Eco-Drive battery life: I have carried out nothing at all beyond my standard routine to keep this watch exposed to light. I don't prevent wearing long-sleeved shirts or hold my arm out the window when driving household. And so far I have had no issues with the charge. From the time I took this watch out of the box, it has just kept on telling time and taking abuse.
Good value for the income.

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