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Casio Men's EFA120D-1AV Ana-Digi Edifice Thermometer Bracelet Watch

Casio Men's EFA120D-1AV Ana-Digi Edifice Thermometer Bracelet Watch

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Casio Men's EFA120D-1AV Ana-Digi Edifice Thermometer Bracelet Watch

Client Critiques

Despite the fact that this watch is "only" a Casio it is merely an remarkable and sophisticated timepiece. For below $60 dollars the watch looks like it expenses at least $100 far more and has tons of attributes to keep any technophile content material.
The Pros of this watch consist of:
- Looks: As opposed to a lot of other Casio watches, which have affordable seeking plastic parts holding the metal pieces together, this watch is all metal. It looks like it is on par with the Seiko's and Pulsar's out there. I chose the square model over the otherwise identical round model because it looks extra sophisticated whereas the round appears extra sporty... either way you can not go incorrect.
- Features: The face of the watch is embedded with digital screens that are not generally visible unless you seriously attempt and look for them. This allows it to have the grace of a analog watch with the technology and capabilities of a digital. But bear in mind this is an analog watch 1st so the digital screens are not speedy and easy to read like a true digital watch... they are there for supplementary information and facts.
Cons of this watch include:
- The hands of the watch can partially obstruct the digital screens at occasions.
- The indicators for the alarm, hourly chime, autobacklight, etc. are seriously compact and tough to see.
- The clasp of the band is produced from substantially cheaper searching steel than the rest of the watch. This is not genuinely a predicament considering that you can't see this portion once the clasp is closed.
- The band is rather tricky to adjust and there are not a lot of settings in among so I was not able to get the "excellent" fit though it is rather close.
- The band appears to scratch easily. I have had a Pulsar diver's watch for 20 years and had no scratches on its band. I have owned the Casio for less than 1 month and already there are a few faint scratches. Luckily I have not scratched the crystal as of but but I would not be surprised if this also was painless to scratch.
- The thermometer is innacurate but it can be calibrated and as soon as you calibrate it according to your physique temp it does a fair job of telling you the temperature.
- It only has 1 alarm, and it does not have atomic timekeeping like other Casio watches.
Overall I have been really happy with the attributes and appearance of this watch. It genuinely draws lots of compliments for its analog style and when persons look at it upclose they are wowed by the technologies factor as nicely. Honestly a great obtain for the income, hopefully it will hold up with day-to-day use and abuse.

This watch fits guys with standard or bit smaller size wrist. The black dial plate, complete stainless steel barrel shape make it looks decent but fashion. CASIO has an additional model with round shape, but I assume the barrel shape looks a great deal more fashion. The size of this watch is on average, but a bit bigger would make it great. The thickness is just proper.
The ED light is dim, nonetheless it does not bother a lot given that you'll also want to save the battery power. The thermometer is interesting and helpful. Putting the watch and other thermometer together into water would aid you set the point appropriate if you will need to.
The only factor I am not satisfied is the adjustment of the wrist band. The segment doesn't fit the very best for me, which my earlier SEIKO perfectly did.
You will not regret obtaining this watch with this cost. (<$60)

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