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16 PCS Watch Tool Kit

16 PCS Watch Tool Kit

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16 PCS Watch Tool Kit

Product Description

This set of 16 watch repair tools includes: 1 watchband link pin remover, 1 watchband holder, a single spring bar remover, 3 Pin punches, 1 metal and plastic hammer, 1 case knife, three slotted screwdrivers, two Phillips screwdrivers, 1 case wrench, 1 pair of lengthy nose pliers with side cutters, and 1 pair of stainless steel tweezers.

Client Reviews

When I bought this small kit I was amazed by the cost. So various small tools at such a low price is good--unless you can only use them as soon as before your kit has a couple of broken tools! The only tool in my kit worth owning is likely the hammer the pin tools for removing band pins are incredibly affordable and slightly oversized for most of the pin holes on my bands. All of my pin tools are now either bent or broken (the blue plastic pin remover is also broken). Sadly the list goes on...the knife is quite soft metal and burred right after a few watches. The screwdrivers are a joke as is the tweezer, the spring bar remover looks like a child ground the 'U'-end so it doesn't grab the bar effectively. It's considerably a lot easier to go to a fantastic hardware retailer and invest in some smaller drill bits and make your own pin tools---just use hardwood dowels for the handles--and decide to buy some good tweezers, screwdrives, and some new smooth pliers, and you'll have a far improved set of tools than this junk!

I had essentially only ordered the kit for the plastic watch band link remover. I have a Invicta Diver's Watch Model 5017 which closely resembles the Rolex model. I really take my time at doing issues slowly and correctly. But, it took me less than ten minutes to push out four link pins with the link removal tool. It is that effortless. Just, line up the best of the pins with the pin remover and meticulously turn perhaps about three revolutions and instantly it comes out. Note that this Invicta watch had pins with fake screw slots on 1 side which created me even extra cautious. On the other hand, this proved to be for decorative purposes only because the pins themselves resembled tiny cotter pins which is basically a piece of wire folded in the middle. I even put to use the knife case opener on my wife's twenty year old seiko with equal accomplishment. Once again, this stuff is not Swiss produced but in my opinion is a fantastic starter kit which gets the function accomplished correctly. The funds I saved can be applied for far more high-priced tools should certainly I decide to select watch repair as a second career. Also check out the microtools webpage. You will be amazed with their extensive product line and offerings.

Product Capabilities

  • 16 Popular Use Generic Watch Repair Tools
  • Excellent for Altering Batteries Bands On Most Watches
  • The Highest Good quality 16 Piece Watch Kit on the Industry
  • Tools in This Kit Are Hand Picked By SE For Quality
  • For use in porcelain sockets only

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